Enterprise Mobility in your supply chain?

Recognizing your organization as a link in the supply chain, brings challenges of not only dealing with mobility in different parts of your value chain, but also in the upstream and downstream supply chain flow.

We believe that mobility is the right way for supply chain intensive companies. By establishing a transparent way of working in their supply chain they move efficiency and power forward. But their success in mobile initiatives is also directly connected to the users readiness to adopt the new way of working.

We have gathered a couple of links to videos and articles addressing this interesting topic.


Berendsen Tekstil Service AS - Gains in efficiency

"The system reduces fuel, personnel and administration costs and meets all requirements regarding traceability, correct registration of deliveries, efficiency and environmental friendliness. The gains in efficiency are considerable, both for employees and the vehicle fleet as the system can be directly integrated with our transport and office support systems. This provides excellent savings and improved delivery quality," says project manager Morten Bodding from Berendsen Tekstil Service AS.


Carlsberg - Tighter control and a better decision-making basis

"The biggest advantage of the new mobile IT generation is probably the vast improvement in our data gathering and updating. This gives us tighter control of master data and greater data discipline because data gathering is carried out at source, namely by the driver or the warehouse employee," says Claus Jensen.


Enterprise Mobility and Its Impact on IT - Gartner


What can companies expect in terms of ROI in mobility?

Victor Surpaceanu explains the ROI perspective

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