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Do you receive the accuracy you need to take critical decisions?

We use the master data in the ERP system for orders, items and locations. Data is retrieved in real-time when needed, increasing and securing visibility and support. All solutions uses investments already made in your ERP System, just extended to enhance user experience and securing transaction accuracy.


Arvid Lilljeqvist

Listen to Arvid Lilljeqvist, Account manager, Consafe Logistics tell you about the advantages for moving your ERP data to the production floor.

What are the advantages of moving your ERP data
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Working hard to maintain product quality and on-time delivery?

Today production companies strive to maintain their product quality through all kind of different arising challenges. Traceability in your flow and secure transactions are two important areas to cover. A useful tool for production reporting is also vital in order to keep the on-time- delivery levels. Mobility is another area that increases your efficiency immediately.

Listen to how Arvid Lilljeqvist from Consafe Logistics addresses these topics.

Consafe Logistics - Can you mention any of the challenges?
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Consafe Logistics - Example on successful solutions
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Support your mobile production force

Want to win the race against the competition? First step is to introduce hardware equipment to your production workers; handheld/fixed scanners, PDA’s, mobile forklift computers, WLAN, barcode printers, automatic applicators, I/O signal equipment etc. depending on assignments and best practice. The list of alternatives is extensive and the possibilities are endless.

Contact Consafe Logistics experts in production logistics for both software and hardware. They know what works and what does not work. Contact;


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