Retailers are Taking Control

Retailers are Taking Control

- Making Mobile Technology Serve Your Supply Chain

With mobile technology evolving daily, how do retailers keep up with instant demand? A comprehensive enterprise mobility system offers up-to-the-minute inventory data and delivery status, allowing savvy retailers to become even more profitable. Here are some smart ways mobile technology supports the supply chain, optimizes workflows and gives you a total overview – Wherever you are.


Mastering mobile technology to get ahead of the pack

With intense competition in every corner of the retail market, it’s vital to keep tight control of margins and to strive to improve them. Process optimization is key to staying competitive. That means enabling a smooth supply chain, intelligent picking and up-to-the-minute information about stock levels and locations to ensure shops have the right goods at the right time.

Enterprise mobility holds the key to retail success in today’s instant-access world. With the right knowledge, technology and intelligent solutions, you can harness mobile technology to improve manufacturing strategies, adding future-proof cost efficiency and increased profit margins, even in today’s changing technological landscape.


Meeting mobile challenges head on

In the late nineties, it became vital for every business to have a website. Today’s new must-have is intelligent use of enterprise mobility – the tool every business needs to keep up with today’s instant access world.

Enterprise mobility comes with its own challenges: where transparency and control of corporate information can move a retail business to the next level, in the wrong hands, it can severely compromise security.

As more and more employees in retail and other industries use their own devices to access work information, IT departments are faced with the challenge of ensuring data integrity and high levels of security for corporate data. You need to consider a partner that can advise on the right system flexibility and adaptable technology that matches your requirements.


Stocking up on retail benefits

Enterprise mobility offers retailers a system that automates many manual and paper-based tasks, making significant cost savings a reality. It also allows any individual in your company to identify where stock is at any given moment, opening up new avenues of efficiency and cost reduction.

More precise information cuts duplication of effort and reduces the number of mistakes. And if, for example a pallet was lost or sent to the wrong client, it’s easy to track where it is and reroute it to the correct destination without lengthy investigations.

Even if every employee saved just thirty minutes a day thanks to your enterprise mobility system, this has huge impact on the profitability of your business. Add to that the benefits of improved customer service, lower administration costs and process automation and the value is obvious.


Live information at your fingertips

If employees have live information about the exact inventory in the warehouse, they can confirm delivery times to the hour rather than to the day, all at the touch of a hand-held screen. This puts you back in control of all areas of your business, driving profitability and helping you serve your customers better.

In the past, decision-making was based on estimates and assumptions. Even with the benefit of statistical analysis, retail and e-commerce have notoriously unpredictable spend and return patterns. Instant access lets you move from guesswork to guaranteed data, putting you back in the driving seat to make informed strategic decisions.


From instant access to innovation

Knowing where your stock is at the touch of a screen has other implications too: empowered staff can make on-the-spot decisions, wherever they are, rather than heading back to the office to access the system. The idea of a fixed role becomes more fluid, maximizing all your resources. A driver is more than just a driver if he can register returns, take orders and fulfill them too.

There’s no end to the possibilities that effective enterprise mobility creates. In distributing aids for disabled people in Denmark, the same worker can pick up the stock, drive it to the destination and even be the service technician by logging onto a mobile app to run through the troubleshooting steps.


How COOP Denmark has made the most of mobile

COOP Denmark is a retailer with a huge number of users and retail outlets. With ConsafeMobility, they’ve gained control of their inventory so they’re always aware of the live situation. They can place orders by making a call or from a smartphone on the shop floor and have the ability to select whether the order should be sent to the client or collected in store.

Shelf labels for updating prices can be printed directly, either by ordering a printout at the office or using portable shelf printers. Sales and order trends are on tap, allowing accurate statistical analysis and when a pallet arrives at a shop or warehouse, a simple wave of a scanner feeds data about what’s on it straight into the system. Their streamlined strategy includes a wide range of mobile devices and has saved them serious time and money.


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