Telstar Voice case

Very good results after connection WMS with Voice

Telstar is responsible for the supply of the ANWB-stores and also for the orders generated through the web shop of ANWB. The delivery of the shops was already for a long time controlled by the Sattstore WMS of Consafe Logistics. The web shop has recently been adapted. Now, the logistical settlement of these e-commerce orders is supported also directly by the WMS of Consafe Logistics. Furthermore Consafe Logistics recently finalized the implementation of the voice solution in the warehouse of Telstar.


Vocollect is the supplier of the voice system which has been implemented. This system is connected to the Consafe Logistics WMS. The Voice application supports the functionalities picking, stock taking and replenishment.

The implementation of the system was done in different phases. The first phase was to start picking with the Voice system in one part of the DC. This resulted in a very high performance improvement which made it possible to train all staff during normal working hours without any loss of productivity. This made the first phase very successful, so the next step was the roll-out over the different areas in the DC.

After getting used to the picking, the next functionality, stock taking via Voice, was implemented. This makes it possible to perform stock taking on the job. Special functionality is the automatic stock taking when reaching minimum level at picking location. At the same time Telstar inserted stock update rights into the system. If the amount of the stock update is above the user rights, this results in a special checklist for stock responsible person.

Last step in the process was the replenishment via Voice, which completed the total Voice solution for the picking areas. In total Telstar is now working with 20 TalkMan terminals. The use of the Voice system shows very good operational results and not only the organization itself is very satisfied, but also the operators are very pleased with this new way of working.


More about the customer

Telstar Trading is a full subsidiary of the ANWB. The company owes its growth to the Human Nature clothing line, which is not only sold by the 130 ANWB shops, but also by the shops of ANWB’s sister organisations throughout Europe. In addition, Telstar Trading distributes travel items, maps, books, travel guides and valuable documents for the ANWB. The distribution centre in Harderwijk supplies a total of 250 shops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Two new clothing lines have recently been launched: ResQ, in collaboration with the Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM), and Pin High Clothing, in collaboration with Pin High Golf Travel. For further information, please
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