Porsgrunds Porselaensfabrik powers e-commerce using Astro WMS

With an expanding product portfolio, upcoming e-commerce investment and a brand new warehouse, Porsgrunds Porselaensfabrik chose Consafe Logistics as their supply chain IT partner to drive economies and efficiencies throughout their supply chain.

porsgrund pictureWhen Porsgrund built their new warehouse in 2013, they started the search for a new warehouse management system (WMS). After evaluating several suppliers and before choosing Astro WMS, they benchmarked the system by consulting with current users such as Enklere Liv/Mercante.

Porsgrund has increased its number of customers and product portfolio during the last years. Today, Porsgrund stores offer a growing number of external brands, together with Porsgrund´s own designer products.

As turnover increased, the company looked to cut costs, and identified actions such as picking more items per hour, gaining greater control and establishing new order routines. The company also wanted to simplify working processes and find an effective way to handle the more extensive warehouse flow.

“During the last months we have created an efficient flow that works. It is clear that Astro WMS works for us and gives us a much improved working environment.”, says Juliana Rynning, Logistics Manager.

Voice Picking—the key to success

The implementation of voice picking for inbound goods creates enhanced conditions for an efficient flow throughout the warehouse.

“We were impressed by how smoothly the pick-by-voice solution worked from the start. Our employees like working with both hands free and had no problem with receiving instructions directly from the system. Voice Picking fits our way of working,” continues Juliana Rynning.

During high season the number of stocked items increase, from approx. 1,400 to approx. 2,000. At the same time daily orders rise dramatically. This is now handled by cross docking in Astro WMS, where many items pass through the warehouse without being stored at a specific location. A process improvement that saves time, space and money.

porsgrund pictureWorks seamlessly with Navision

One stumbling block to choosing a WMS is integration with a company’s ERP system. Astro WMS is already configured to work seamlessly with most ERP systems, in Porsgrund’s case Navision, which is a proven combination of how a WMS and ERP system can work hand-in-hand. Astro WMS also provides Porsgrund with all the statistics they need for monitoring and managing warehouse operations using the intuitive Opview dashboard.

“In 2016 we plan to launch Porsgrund´s new e-commerce store, and expect an increased flow of goods through our warehouse. It will place an even higher demand on Astro WMS when handling our warehouse operations without delays or complications”, says Juliana Rynning, Logistics Manager.

“That Porsgrund has selected Astro WMS and Consafe Logistics for this strategic project is further proof of our strength in delivering solutions that perfectly match our customers’ needs. We look forward to working together with Porsgrund and continue to provide solutions supporting their journey in e-commerce”, says Stefan Oldenburg, CMO, Consafe Logistics Group. Astro WMS delivers efficiency and warehouse control.

The Astro WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a modern, renowned solution, today used worldwide by companies of all sizes and segments. In e-commerce, Astro WMS has repeatedly been proven by well-known brands to be the best choice to deliver on logistics challenges with increased efficiency, transparency and warehouse control.

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Cecilie Bjørnebye Jensen
Marketing Manager, Porsgrunds Porselaensfabrik AS
Phone; +47 410 40 823

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Om Consafe Logistics Group

Consafe Logistics är en av Europas ledande leverantörer av mobilitet, lagerhantering och logistiklösningar åt kunder som använder logistik för att förbättra sin konkurrenskraft. Vi utvecklar, implementerar och stödjer helhetslösningar, både mjukvara och hårdvara, genom hela leverantörskedjan, inklusive konsultning och processförbättring. Vår verksamhet är indelad i tre affärsområden: Warehouse & Distribution, ConsafeMobility och Manufacturing. Vi hjälper kunder i mer än 30 länder över hela världen från våra dotterbolag i Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Nederländerna, Polen och Storbritannien. Consafe Logistics ingår i JCE Group AB. www.consafelogistics.com


About “3 Norske AS”

“3 Norske AS” is owned by Atle Brynestad and contains of the following brands: Porsgrunds Porselaensfabrik AS, Hadeland Glassverk AS, Norgesglasset and Christiania Glasmagasin AS.Porsgrunds Porselaensfabrik was established in 1885 and has since then produced chinaware of the finest quality. The porcelain factory produces a wide assortment of porcelain products ranging from fireproof goods destined for professional kitchens, to exquisite, fine porcelain for the home.
Hadeland Glassverk was established in 1762 and produce fine glass, some handmade and mouth blown glass, crystal and artefacts.
Christiania Glasmagasin was founded in 1739, and has over 50 stores in Norway, selling porcelain, glassware and kitchenware.

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